• Naturopathic Sports Medicine
    Naturopathic Sports Medicine

    This program is designed for an athlete. This program will address sports injuries, performance enhancement, increasing endurance, and decreasing recovery time in between training sessions and from an injury.

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  • Weight Management
    Weight Management

    Weight Management is a struggle for everyone. There are different reasons people can’t lose or gain weight. The weight management program is individually designed specifically to fit your needs. We work on different motivational strategies and techniques that work specifically for you.

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  • Pain Management
    Pain Management

    Everyone suffering from pain wants it to end. Pain is an indicator from your body to stop doing what you are doing. Unfortunately, no one has the time to rest for 3 weeks so they can heal. This program is designed to keep you functioning while gradually lessening the pain you experience. The goal of this program is to make you pain free.

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  • Hormonal Balancing
    Hormonal Balancing

    Hormones are the chemical signals in the body. They tell the body when it’s hungry. They say you’re stressed, or when to grow and stop growing. They control your immune system, fight or flight response and metabolism. They play a very important role in your body.

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  • Family Medicine
    Family Medicine

    What does family medicine mean? Family Medicine to me, means we focus on prevention and getting control of your health. Your family medical doctor (MD) practices family medicine. You go see your MD when you’re sick, for check ups and to promote general health. The same concept happens with your Naturopathic Doctor who practices family medicine.

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  • Anti-Aging

    There are many different approaches to anti-aging. This program is focused on aging gracefully. Getting older is part of life. You want to look the best you can while you age. Stopping time and looking like you are 20 when you are 60 is a hard task, and rarely obtained even with numerous plastic surgeries and procedures. The Anti-aging program focuses on feeling and looking the best, you can.

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Top 3 Tips to Get through Halloween with Food Restrictions

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