Therapeutic Order

Therapeutic Order is a philosophy I use to treat my patients. It allows me to work with your body to heal itself with minimal intervention. It produces long lasting effects that improve your health in every aspect. Therapeutic order is not only how I treat illnesses, but how I promote general wellness and prevent disease. Therapeutic order allows for an ND to individualize a treatment. Every level of therapeutic disorder is different for everyone. I work with my patients to identify and change those aspects that are causing disease.

The first level: Establish Foundation for optimal health. In today’s society there are many obstacles that inhibit our basic foundation for health. Our food is full of fillers, preservatives, hormones and GMOs. There is the highest prevalence of insomnia, anxiety and depression on record. Our atmosphere is full of pollution and we are connected to an online community that serves as a false sense of community and social interaction. In this stage I work with you to remove environmental toxins, ensure your diet and water intake is addressed, assess your sleep, anxiety levels and ensure you have a social support network. There is little supplemental intervention in terms of treatment at first, but this stage is pivotal to ensure your body is able to heal itself. We must remove these obstacles first or anything else we do, will not be as effective or have lasting results.

Stimulate the self healing mechanisms: This is where gentle intervention is implemented. The use of acupuncture, hydrotherapy and sometimes even homeopathy. These treatments promote the body heal itself. You can read about acupuncture and hydrotherapy under my services. Homeopathy is an energetic medicine using the essence of a substance. This is not well researched in North America, but it used widely in Germany. Children and animals respond incredibly well. Adults have mixed reactions. All of these interventions are simple, effective and don’t cost much.

Support and Restore Weakened Systems: after the other two steps are addressed then we will address the systems that have been weakened by existing disease. This is where there will be blood test done, and we look to see the extent your illness. Again we use all the different modalities; herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, nutrition, etc. This is where these interventions become more specific to different organ systems.

Natural System Control: in other words address Physical Alignment. Chiropractors are a wonderful referral here. Spinal manipulation or medical acupuncture are used here to ensure your physical body is healthy. Spinal manipulation is useful for chronic chest colds or constipation. There are a lot of ailments that can be solved without supplementation and just ensuring your body is properly aligned.

Synthetic Symptom Relief: This is where herbal supplements, tinctures, and symptom relief comes into play. Sometimes ND just to quickly to hand you a supplement instead of taking care of the basics. It is important to make sure our patients are comfortable, but we need to make sure they are improving first before. I treat the root cause, not just provide temporary solution to make your symptoms disappear. The therapeutic approach can take a long time to have the full effect. This is another circumstance where symptom relief is needed.

High Force intervention: There are limitations to Naturopathic Medicine. Here is where I would refer you. Some conditions need a stronger intervention than I can offer. This is the last step in therapeutic order, but something that is screened at the beginning. Some conditions may need surgery or chemo. Therapeutic order can be used concurrently to help you heal. Co-management with another Doctor is something I am always interested in.

I hope this provided some insight to how Naturopathic Medicine operates, and how I treat. Therapeutic Order can be introduced in the first 2 treatments. The full effect may take a month or two, but it is worth it.