COVID-19 Pandemic

Hi Everyone, I know these can be very scary times. There is a lot of uncertainty and false information. I want to make sure that everyone is safe and properly following the self isolation protocols. Start looking into online grocery deliveries, and focusing on hygienic practices.

The hygiene practices that need to be implemented are washing your hands, covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough with your long sleeve shirt on your elbow, and making sure you wear a face mask if you are sick. These seem like common sense, but are over looked. The small gestures in the world are going to have a bigger impact than you think.

Let’s talk about boosting your immune system during this time. The best advice I can give you right now is making sure your respiratory system is fully supported. Contrast showers are a must right now. They are wonderful at boosting immunity. The second piece of advice I have for you is taking probiotics, eating 3-4 raw garlic cloves a day, and adding in some Vitamin C or better yet Zinc.

More and more research is coming out on natural treatments for COV-19 but nothing that I would say is definitive. I am suggesting that a good offense is going to be better right now than playing defense. We need to make sure that our body is prepped to make an immune response if needed. I am not claiming that this is going to prevent you from getting COV-19 or cure it. Please stay inside and do these simple additions to your routine, and we will all get through this!