Health Optimization

icon lightThis program is designed for individuals who are in good physical, mental, and spiritual shape. You want ensure you are in excellent all around health. My Health Optimization Program is a tailored way to ensure you are living the healthiest lifestyle for your individual needs.

I place a heavy emphasis in my practice on preventative medicine. There doesn’t have to be anything medically wrong with you to see a doctor. I want my patients to be thriving in life. This program takes you from mediocre health where you feel “ok” to excellent health where you feel amazing.

Health Optimization consist of identifying potential problems that could arise and ensuring your body, mind and soul are prepared to handle it. An example; in the Fall you consistently get the flu. This program is designed to have been preparing your body for the change in season by boosting your immunity for months before Fall starts. Another example is that you are an “A type” personality and you have been working hard and you get tired at 3 PM every day and it is affecting your productivity at work. This program is designed to teach you stress management, address your adrenals, and make sure you are feeling excellent that naturally your productivity and overall happiness increase.

Health Optimization will ensure all your organ systems are functioning at top performance. Your digestive system, including your liver, is one of the most integral organ systems. If this is not functioning properly you may feel higher stress, bloating, fatigue, lack of sleep, pain, etc. This in one of the foundations of this program. We will also address adrenals, neurological and cognitive functioning, sleep, musculoskeletal system, immune system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and hormones.

This program consists of 6 visits a year. I will see you every 2 months for a wellness check up. We will determine what your main goal should be to optimize your health together.

Treatment Schedule:

Initial Appointment

Six 45 minute follow up sessions every 2 months to check in and go through individual treatment assessment and prepare your body for the changes that happen in the body through out the season changes.