Naturopathic Sports Medicine

sports medicine
light iconThis program is designed for an athlete. This program will address sports injuries, performance enhancement, increasing endurance, and decreasing recovery time in between training sessions and from an injury.

This program is tailored to your individual needs as an athlete. The sports you play dictate the treatment.  Nutritional counselling is one of the corner stones to improving athletic performance and decreasing recovery times. Sports specific diets will be composed to suit your main and supporting sports. Athletes put a lot of strain on their body compared to the standard North American. Proper hydration and nutrient replacement is required. This program will educate you on how to successfully support your body during training sessions, tournaments, game days, and recovery days.

Performance anxiety is common among athletes and hinders their performance. There are different homeopathic remedies and supplements that can be given to help address underlying anxiety and to manage performance anxiety. Visualization techniques and meditation,  proven methods to help performance anxiety, will be integrated into your treatment.

This program is tailored to the athlete’s individual needs. Your needs change as you age, and as you change sports. This program is designed to help you through any stage of your life to optimize your health and performance.

Treatment Schedule

Initial Intake- assess the needs of your sport, and where you want to improve. Obtain baseline measurements so your progress can be tracked.  Lab work if needed.

45 min follow up session- You will receive an individualized sport specific treatment plan including diet change, natural performance, homeopathics, counselling sessions (if needed), visualization techniques, exercises, stretches, suggestion for supporting sports, and any other conditions that come up through lab work.

30 min follow up session 4 weeks later- Asses the progress you have made, alter the treatment plan to see maximize results for you.

15 min follow up 6 weeks later- making sure you are on track with program and reassessing your progress.

15 min follow up 2 months later- Reassess progress.

**** Performance anxiety will take more sessions closer together to manage anxiety and ensure old habits do not return.

**** sports injuries will take three 45 min follow up treatments and three 30 min follow up treatments on top of this program.